"Listen, this is a hard loss for all of us because we know what was at stake in this election and we've got to do everything we can to continue to support the causes we believe in. When you're ready, I hope you will get back out there and keep fighting" - Hillary Clinton

The Milhouses

I've known of Eric for a few years now. However I did not officially meet him until a couple of months ago when he became my co-worker. Within this short span of time, Eric has quickly become one of my favorite people.

One day at work, I was half joking, half serious when I asked Eric if I could photograph his family. Much to my surprise he said yes. It took a couple of weeks of planning, but eventually we found a day that worked for the both of us. Although things did not go as plan that day, I'm still squealing from how much fun I had with these three. 

After hanging out with them for a majority of the day, there's no denying they are seriously family goal.